30581-00 Welding Visor for Interspiro FFM Please call for current pricing

This welding visor is a specialty piece of dive equipment used mainly by several European and other military forces for mission specific purposes. It should not be used as a replacement for commonly used dive helmets with a welding visor because welding/burning with a full-face mask offers no head protection that is required for working under ships and in marine construction. A potential customer must understand this and be aware that Innovative Dive Equipment does not claim that this Visor is suitable for the customers intended purpose and that the customer assumes all liability for its use. This piece of equipment is not to be used for “Top Side Welding. This visor is designed to be used UNDERWATER ONLY (submerged).

This welding visor is mounted to the Interspiro mask using the Accessory Rail System and is used with standard 2” X 4.25” shielding glass. Once the Rail System is mounted to the mask the welding visor can be quickly installed, or removed, by pressing the release buttons located on both sides of the visor hinges. The visor can be rotated up for an unobstructed view when necessary. Lights and cameras that are mounted to “Slides” can be slid onto the Accessory Rails while the visor is mounted.

Please call for pricing and to purchase this item.


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