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Interspiro Rail (Rail Wire & Nuts)


Accessory Rail, Wire Mount, Thumb Screws

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The accessory rail system easily attaches to the Interspiro (AGA) full face mask and makes it possible to mount and dismount various devices to the sides of the Interspiro full face mask mask. Dive lights, video lights, video cameras, sonar, manifold blocks, and welding visors are just a few examples of the equipment that works well with the rail system. Devices are attached to the removable slide and then slid on to the rail. The slide is released from the rail by pressing the release button.

The rail stays mounted on the mask, while the devices are attached to slides. The camera, lights and other devices are then changed by simply sliding them on or off the rail. This quick disconnect feature allows surface support to quickly exchange or replace devices as the mission dictates without removing the mask from the diver, or the diver from the water. One rail may be used or two may be mounted (one on each side). The attachment method does not interfere with commonly used surface breathing valves.

Attaching the rail system to the AGA mask makes it possible for a diver to have both hands free to accomplish difficult tasks under water.


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